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  • Bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher and mystery leak detection and mitigation. 

  • Sloan Flushmate tank diagnosis, repair or replacement. 

  • Improperly working toilet, sink, shower body, bathtub or shower diagnosis and repair. 

  • Roof drain repairs and replacements. 

  • Gas and electric hot water heater repairs and installations. 


Kapnag Heating & Plumbing Corp. works with contractors, designers, architects and engineers to complete projects on time and on budget. 

  • Complete gut renovations with all new waste, water, vent and steam piping back to building risers. 

  • Fixture replacement and modification at existing locations.

  • Lead and vinyl shower pan installations. 

  • Installing trap primers and funnel drains for HVAC condensate lines. 

  • New Construction riser and branch line installation. 

  • Radiator installation and relocation. 


We provide inspection, installation, repair and modification services to building sprinkler, standpipe and combination fire suppression systems. Our services include, but are not limited to: weekly/monthly/annual/5-year testing and inspections, sprinkler head modification and relocation, riser installation, leak detection/repairs and Siamese connection installation/repairs.


Each of Kapnag Heating & Plumbing Corp.'s trucks are equipment with motorized hand snakes to clear local bathroom and kitchen stoppages. Additionally, Kapnag owns several larger drain cleaning machines for clearing stoppages in building stacks, mains and traps. 


We work with buildings and engineers to install new backflow systems compliant with New York City building code and test existing backflow devices. 


Kapnag Heating & Plumbing Corp. installs gas fired, steam, hot water, hot air furnaces or high efficient hot water boilers. Additionally, we provide boiler inspection and repair services. 

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